Fingershield 1960mm Front Door Finger Guard

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Cardea's Fingershield door finger guard takes away the worry of trapped fingers in doors, by completely covering the area between the door and hinge when the door is open.



No. 1 Door Safety Finger Guard

According to RoSPA, studies have found that around 40,000 child safety door accidents occur every year throughout the UK. The Fingershield door finger guards was developed to prevent finger-trapping accidents occurring. The finger guard is easy to install, remove and refit, making it a practical solution to your health and safety requirements. Over the past 15 years, we are proud to have supplied over a million finger guards to organisations throughout the world, including schools, nurseries and leisure centers to name a few – we’ve even installed them on ships in the Outer Hebrides!


Color Matched and Discreet

Fingershield is a door safety fingerguard designed to be functional yet discreet. Its design ensures that when the door is closed you can hardly tell it’s there. You can buy a finger guard for your door in a choice of colors specifically designed to match (or contrast) with the color of the door. Fingershield is available in white, brown, black, beige, teak, beech, grey, blue, yellow and red.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

The Fingershield door fingerguard need little maintenance once installed, just a simple annual check to make sure the device is functioning and all the screws are still in place. On a day-to-day basis they can be wiped down during your general cleaning routine. The hardwearing and durable design means that the Fingershield door finger guard can withstand years of knocks and bangs!



Designed by Cardea to prevent finger-trapping incidents in the rear hinge side gap. When used in conjunction with the Fingershield door finger guard, finger-trapping accidents are completely eliminated.

Quality is a Guarantee

Every Fingershield device is supplied with a standard two-year warranty with the option to upgrade to the 5 Year Fingershield Fitted Assurance Warranty if you take advantage of our installation service. Once installed, the finger-trapping risk is instantly eliminated and you can rest assured that this finger guard will protect any fingers for many years to come.

Standard length 1960 mm

Upvc Rigid sections 
PVC Nitrile flexible sections 
These are calcium-zinc stabilized medium impact materials 
Neither material contains cadmium or lead.

Product variations 
3 panel Fingershield device 
Acts as an effective secondary smoke inhibitor and draft excluder 
UL 4h fire rating 
Available for use on rising butt hinge doors.

Supplied with: 
1x Frontshiled
26x Mounting screws
1x Marker Block 
1x User Guide

Group and Bulk Purchases 
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