Lapcon Soft-Closed Door Slam Stopper

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The Lapcon Soft-Closed Door Damper is designed to prevent door from slamming shut. It enabling door to close fully, slowly and safety. Hence, it able to protection finger injuries resulting from the door slam accidentally. 

This is a light duty soft closing door damper can be used on hollow core internal door (weight below 40Kg) under light wind condition. This product can be used at home, childcare centers, hotel and many other places. 

How it Works?

The Lapcon Soft-Closed Door Damper is surface mounted soft close door damper that prevents the door from slamming shut by reducing the speed of a fast closing door from final 15°. It pull and close the door when engaged enabling the door to close full slowly and safety. When opening the door, the Door Damper has less holding tension when opening compare to other ordinary door closer. It is designed for interior doors weight 15 to 40Kg (33-88lbs).

Choice of Color

The Lapcon Soft-Closed Door Damper come with Dark Brown and is designed to be in keeping with the style of your doors. Their modern, minimalist style ensures that they don’t draw attention or affect the aesthetics of the door.


Lapcon Soft-Closed Door Damper has successfully passed for 100,000 opening and closing private cycle test.

Right or Left Handed Door Slam Stopper? 

The Lapcon Soft-Closed Door Damper come with left-handed and right-handed model for different door opening. Before purchasing the door slam stopper, you should identify right model for your door opening using the diagram on the right. 

Installation Requirements

To ensure that the Lapcon Soft-Closed Door Damper can install properly to your door, the distance from the door to the back of the Lapcon is between 23-35mm. The door top frame have a minimum mounting width of 20mm. If your door top frame come with a door stopper (not flat) the max height of the door stopper is 15mm. 

Note: This product is not suitable for original BTO flat metal door frame. 
Body: 210mm (L) x 39mm (W) x 38mm (D) 
Counter Plate: 149mm (L) x 23mm (W) x 20.5mm (D)

Body & Counter Pate parts made from Steel, Polyacetal, Stainless Steel, Zinc Alloy and ABS.

Recommended Door Specifications: 
Width: Max 900mm 
Weight: 15-40Kg

Supplied with: 
4x Mounting Screws. 
1x Damper Body 
1x Damper Body Cover 
1x Counter Plate 
1x Counter Plate Cover

Manufacturer/Place of origin 
Sugatsune / Japan

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This item have stock for White, Light Brown and Dark Brown color.

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